Security Services in North Carolina, Armed and Unarmed Security Guards, Mobile and Foot Patrols. Ultimate Security Agency Unformed Officers

Shopping Center and Strip Mall Security

Ultimate Security Agency provides experienced security officers to patrol the perimeter and corridors of your shopping facility ensuring the safety of your patrons and customers. Our highly visual patrols deter break ins, shoplifting, and purse snatching, theft and vandals while providing a visual sense of security for your customers.

Our courteous and publicly accessible security officers are one of best investments in security your business can take. Each Ultimate Security Agencies officer is highly trained to assist you in presenting a high profile, safe and secure image to your patrons.

Ultimate Security Agency Can Provide:

Highly visual mobile patrols.
Monitor Electronic Article Surveillance Equipment.
Patrol inside of the store.
Foot Patrols for more in depth coverage.
Door and Lock Checks.
Visual surveillance of potential problem areas.
Surveillance of and escort to Employee Parking Areas.

Phone: 919. 358-4174           Cell: 919. 602.6145           Fax: 919. 361.8040

Ultimate Security Agency - Armed and Unarmed, Unformed and Plain Clothes  Security and Body Guards


Ultimate Security Agency Secures You

Security Agency Secures You

Private, Armed & Unarmed Security Services

Providing the
protection &
attention that
your assets &

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