Security Services in North Carolina, Armed and Unarmed Security Guards, Mobile and Foot Patrols. Ultimate Security Agency Unformed Officers

Private Security Services

Ultimate Security Agency provides Security Services in a variety of applications and situations including, retail, corporate, and special events and assignments such as Coin Shows, Gun Shows, Computer Shows, Boat and Car Shows, Parties, Concerts and other types of short term or one time events.

Ultimate Security Agency Officers come from a variety of diverse backgrounds are  trained to accommodate our clients' needs. Each Ultimate Security Agency Officer is carefully selected for their performance and are selectively matched to meet client requirements.

Ultimate Security Agency Can Provide:

Uniformed Security Officers
Plain clothes access control personnel
Customized operations for individualized needs
Armed and Unarmed Security Guards
Event Security
Office Buildings
Loss Prevention
Hotel/Motel Security

In a Variety of Settings and Environments:.

Construction Sites
Retail Stores and Outlet Centers
Office Complexes
Gated or Residential Communities
Distribution Centers
Hospital Security
Shopping Center Security
Movie Theaters

In Cites Throughout North Carolina Including:


Duties can include:

Dispatch of incoming deliveries.
Monitoring of CCTV systems.
Monitoring on site camera system.
Monitor and maintain access control system.
Patrol of facility, complex and warehouses.
Escort and monitor visitor traffic.
Monitor visitors entry and exit.
Maintain security watch over equipment.
Secure entrances/exits and parking lots during non operating hours.
Maintain a running list of all vehicles, deliveries and visitors on site.
Foot and mobile patrol of job site, building perimeters, and grounds.
Inspection of exterior fencing and buildings for security breaches.
Emergency Security Officer coverage.
Deterring Shoplifters.
Emergency Response.


Phone: 919. 358-4174           Cell: 919. 602.6145           Fax: 919. 361.8040

Ultimate Security Agency - Armed and Unarmed, Unformed and Plain Clothes  Security and Body Guards


Ultimate Security Agency Secures You

Security Agency Secures You

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